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About Us

Our Team

Venti was founded by executives from enterprise IT software companies, large application service providers, and companies targeting the small and medium business (SMB) market. The vision of Venti is to deliver enterprise quality products through an Internet hosted delivery business model to SMB customers. This has required new marketing, product development, and technology delivery approaches. Venti has brought together these capabilities to bring proven technologies to these previously underserved markets at an affordable cost.

Enterprise IT Solutions for the SMB Market

Today, many great IT solutions are available for large companies to support customers and employees with software problems and PC issues. These tools enable IT departments, help desks, and call centers to provide quick, effective support that is appreciated by the end user as well as the person providing the help. The remote PC user benefits through a simple interaction that saves time, embarrassment and frustration; the support agent saves time and aggravation; and the company saves a significant amount of money, while greatly increasing customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, most great enterprise tools are cost prohibitive for small companies. Venti's mission is to make great enterprise IT solutions available to everyone!

SaaS as Venti's Delivery Model

Imagine, software that might cost a company $25,000 to $200,000 to implement, now being available for a monthly subscription fee roughly equal to a monthly cell phone bill. Venti hosts the software, manages all servers, and enables your team to become productive in less than 5 minutes ... all via the Internet. SaaS (Software as a Service) is making a strong entrance into the market in a variety of venues. Venti is well positioned to provide SaaS for the SMB IT market.

Fast Time-to-Value

Most enterprise software solutions require a lengthy implementation process that requires hardware configuration and installation, software installation/configuration, and extensive user training. Venti has simplified this process to a three minute software installation and about five minutes of support agent self training through trying the service. Your team can be productive within the hour!

Future Hosted IT Support Services

Today, Venti offers hosted LANDesk technology for remote PC/server support over the Internet. Venti Solutions is committed to bringing a suite of affordable enterprise tools to companies of all sizes through flexible Internet service offerings and creative pricing alternatives. To that end, look for Venti to soon introduce new services and capabilities that will enhance the support experience you can provide for your customers and employees. Our goal is yours...providing superior support, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing support agent productivity, while reducing overall costs.



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