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Experience in IT Services

Venti Solutions was founded by executives of several enterprise IT solutions companies serving both the enterprise and SMB markets. Software from these companies is currently used by many thousands of companies all over the world. Specific solutions include help desks, call centers, remote control, knowledge management, and connection technologies. The mission of Venti is to provide well established (and expensive) enterprise IT solutions to smaller companies at an affordable cost through a monthly subscription model.

Experience with SaaS ("Software as a Service")

SaaS is gaining momentum as the delivery method of choice for expensive software applications seeking new markets. Venti's management team has strong ASP (application service provider) experience dating back to the launch of WebMail, having built infrastructure to support over 30M email subscribers in the late 1990s. The recurring revenue business model was seen as attractive to starting Venti, while providing the end customer with the ability to obtain high value without a software/hardware purchase, installation fees, and long training cycle. The time-to-value gains available through SaaS were attractive to Venti's founders as a way to help customers quickly build IT businesses with little very starting capital.

Only World Class Solutions

Venti commited at the beginning (2003) to providing only world class solutions from world class companies. We do not write the core software we provide via the Internet....we license it from leading solutions companies. We do not build the hardware we use....we buy from leading manufacturers. We do not run our servers in our own data center....we co-locate at a world class facility used by hundreds of companies and e-commerce websites collecting millions of dollars in revenue per year. Other companies selling similar services in our target markets are writing software that does what enterprise solutions have already perfected. We are simply delivering enterprise solutions to smaller companies in a more cost effective business model!

SMB Entrepreneurial Spirit

Venti's management team desires to serve small companies......and enterprises seeking a more cost effective way of doing business! We are a small company, founded by executives from much bigger companies, seeking to fill a market need with otherwise cost prohibitive services for small companies. We believe that small companies want solutions that big companies take for granted. Giving this value is what Venti stands for and will continue to provide. Give Venti a try!




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