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Transaction-Based Remote PC Support

Many customers and potential customers have expressed interest in a use model that allows companies to purchase a lower priced subscription and pay on a ?per use? for each support session. This model will help customers who expect to need any of Venti's services, but not necessarily on an everyday basis. The current subscription model is unlimited. This new pricing model will enable customers to begin using Venti?s services at a very low cost and pay a fee for each use of the service thereafter.

Web Conferencing Services

Many customers are seeking an affordable sales presentation tool that enables prospects to see slides and Internet applications in real-time during a group sales presentation. Sales people frequently use these tools, but current pricing models are beyond the reach of most small and medium businesses. Venti?s goal is to provide this popular tool to our customers in a cost effective package that meets the needs of the most scrutinizing sales person.

Knowledge Management

Getting access to a remote PC is only the beginning. In many support scenarios, the resolution to the problem may require information not known by the support agent. In these cases, a knowledge database of common problems, resolutions, and application use is extremely helpful. This information will be made available to our customers on a subscription basis.

Issue/Ticket Tracking

Tracking customer problems is required when follow-up is required after the initial contact and when requests for help might come when support agents are not immediately available. In these cases, customers and users need a process by which they can log an issue for resolution by a support agent as soon as it is possible to follow-up. Further, issue tracking provides a history of customer interaction and may even benefit future customer requests for help. Venti will provide a web-based system that provides all the hosting benefits of Venti-Assist with no infrastructure costs or lengthy implementation projects.

Virtual PBX/CTI

The popularity of CTI is growing with the tighter integration between computers and telephone systems. Customers desire in-bound call information beyond simple caller ID. Current technologies enable access of a customer database in anticipation of the call resolution. Venti anticipates providing these capabilities via an ASP model, enabling companies of all sizes to immediately benefit from these types of software applications.

Teleconferencing Services

In conjunction with Web conferencing and PBX services, most companies require voice conferencing services for both internal and external communications. These services are in wide use and Venti will provide a cost competitive, feature rich offering that will rival the best services used by large enterprises.

Network Bandwidth Services

High speed Internet service is required for all Web access, use of support services, email, and even voice over IP (VoIP) communications services. Venti will bundle network capabilities with other offerings above to provide a complete solution for our customers.


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