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What's so special about Venti?

Easy question, longer answer! Venti was founded by enterprise IT executives with a mission to provide small and medium sized businesses with expensive IT solutions at an affordable price. To that end, the founders used their combined experiences from IT services software, managing large data center infrastructures, and unique understanding of the needs of the SMB market and small IT firms. The result is a business model that provides world class technology through an affordable monthly subscription.

Venti's services are unique services, enabling your employees to use enterprise tools without the cost and hassle of installing hardware, configuring software and managing the application in-house. The cost savings are significant and the time-to-value is very short.

In comparison with other services, Venti offers the following values: 1) world class solutions, 2) lower cost, and 3) ease of use (for both the support person and, more importantly, the remote client needing immediate help).

Who needs Venti?

Anyone wanting to provide PC and software application support for end users over the Internet can benefit from the service. The service is most useful in eliminating the need to have long phone conversations "walking" a novice user through a PC problem, software installation, or in helping with the use of a new software application. It is also extremely useful in eliminating the need to travel to the remote PC to do simple fixes, thereby increasing support agent productivity, as well as customer satisfaction. Venti enables more revenues in less time!

Isn't this like GoToMyPC or PCAnywhere?

No, while these are excellent tools, they require you to install their software on every PC you may ever want to access. Venti allows you to connect to ANY computer ANYWHERE, at ANY time. There is no need to even know the person you are going to help tomorrow. If you require "resident client" access, v-Manage, as a part of Venti services allows you access to PCs and servers 24x7 (while also still allowing for on-demand support).

What about freeware like VNC or XP Remote Assistance?

There are excellent free products available for remote PC support. Unfortunately, these tools are typically too difficult for na´ve end users to benefit from. Typically, the mere installation and configuration for use by end users is harder than simply resolving the problem using Venti. Since many support applications require connecting with machines that the support agent has no business access to (i.e., customer PCs, home office computers), the so-called "free" solutions are impractical to effectively use.

What about my LAN-based solution with resident agent software on every desktop?

Venti's services are complementary to other solutions, particularly ones behind your firewall. Most of our customers already use other PC support tools on their network. Venti is most useful in reaching remote PCs outside of your corporate network (particularly those belonging to your customers). Again, you can provide both on-demand ("help me now!") or resident client (24/7 unattended access) through a single product using Venti....same tools, same UI, double the value!

Can I get through firewalls with Venti?

Yes. Venti is superior to other solutions in getting to remote PCs behind a firewall (both personal and corporate firewalls). Unlike solutions that require additional pre-configured firewall ports, Venti enables the client to reach out from behind the firewall to a "broker" server via the standard SSL port where the support agent can then connect quickly to provide assistance. The support agent does not require special, complex firewall configurations to help the client. Most importantly, Venti does not require punching new holes in your firewall or your customer's firewall to receive support. This is a serious security problem for other services and products.

Is your service secure?

Venti provides 128-bit SSL encryption end-to-end, allowing you to securely transfer files, view application data, and resolve technical issues. The session between the support agent the client is never decrypted during use. Not even Venti can see the desktop.

Do I need to buy software licenses?

No, Venti Solutions provides you with access to the software via a monthly subscription and the software capabilities are delivered via the Internet. You simply pay as you go. We only ask for a 30 day cancellation (NO ANNUAL COMMITMENT REQUIRED).

Do I need any special hardware?

No, Venti services work on all Microsoft systems from Windows 95 and newer (for both support agents and clients). Venti hosts all hardware. You only need a Windows-based PC to begin providing support.

How long will it take for me to start using the Venti On-Demand service?

Literally, 5 minutes. The software for the support agent's computer takes less than three minutes to download and install. Support agent training takes about ten minutes. Most support people are up and running in a couple of minutes and pretty proficient after 1-2 sessions with customers.

Can all my agents use the service?

Venti is a "named user" software model. That is to say, each support agent machine must have its own subscription. Venti provides aggressive discounts for companies needing multiple support agents to be equipped with Venti. For larger accounts (more than 10 agents), Venti can offer concurrency subscriptions that enable sharing of the access to Venti's servers.

How is billing done?

Venti Solutions uses simple credit card monthly billing. This is very popular for many monthly services and makes paying expenses inside a company easier as well through standard monthly expense statements.

Do I need to sign up for a year?

No, all Venti services are on a month-to-month agreement. You may cancel at any time with a one month notice to Venti Solutions. If you would prefer an annual payment, Venti will offer a discount for prepayment, but this is not required. In this case, Venti can also arrange for an invoice and PO payment.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, Venti Solutions provides contract terms in an End User License Agreement (EULA) that you read and electronically sign upon installing the support agent software. No paper needs to change hands for you to acquire a subscription and start using Venti immediately.

What new services is Venti Solutions planning to provide?

Venti is in discussions with a variety of companies to bring some exciting new services to our customers, including: patch management, asset management, Web conferencing services, knowledge management, issue/ticket tracking, CTI/telephony, document imaging, business management solutions, and more.

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